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Volume : 10 Issue: 1 Year : 2024
: 10 (1)
Volume: 10  Issue: 1 - 2024
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4.Evaluation of University Students’ Food Purchasing Behaviors and Food Safety Concerns
Cüneyt Çalışkan, Kerem Kınık
doi: 10.55646/jaren.2024.05826  Pages 1 - 8

5.Factors Associated with the use of Folic Acid and Iron Supplementation in the Periconceptional and Antenatal Periods of Pregnant Women: A Cross-Sectional Study
Deniz Akyıldız, Hilal Alkan
doi: 10.55646/jaren.2024.54872  Pages 9 - 20

6.Knowledge and Perception of Nursing Students who Have Taken Basic Electrocardiography Course
Sibel Sevinç
doi: 10.55646/jaren.2024.56689  Pages 21 - 28

7.The Effect of Midwife’s and Nurse’s Working Conditions on Breastfeeding Problems and Quality of Life
Sare Erarslan, Besey Ören
doi: 10.55646/jaren.2024.70446  Pages 29 - 39

8.Determining the Relationship Between Desiring Pregnancy and Family Planning Attitude
Emine Koç, Sümeyye Bal, Elif Keten Edis
doi: 10.55646/jaren.2024.81567  Pages 40 - 47

9.The Relationship Between Perceived Social Support and Postpartum Anxiety in Postpartum Women
Semiha Aydın Özkan, Derya Kaya Şenol, Çiğdem Erdemoğlu
doi: 10.55646/jaren.2024.90522  Pages 48 - 56

10.Investigation of the Effect of Laughter Yoga on Breastfeeding Self-Efficacy: A Randomized Controlled Study
Didem Şimşek Küçükkelepçe, Hacer Ünver, Nuray Kurt
doi: 10.55646/jaren.2024.93064  Pages 57 - 66

11.Pressure Injury Pain and it’s Management
Gülşen Öztürk Genç, Selda Rızalar
doi: 10.55646/jaren.2024.03764  Pages 67 - 73

12.Investigating The Relationship Between Some Socio-Demographic Variables and Internalized Stigmatization and Care Burden of Primary Caregivers of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Funda Gümüş, Havva Kaçan
doi: 10.55646/jaren.2024.35693  Pages 74 - 88

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