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Volume : 6 Issue: 3 Year : 2020
: 3 (1)
Volume: 3  Suppl: 1 - 2017
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1.Use and Effect of Dance and Movement Therapy in Different Groups
Nihan Altan Sarıkaya, Hürrem Ayhan, Özge Sukut
doi: 10.5222/jaren.2017.1001  Pages 1 - 5

2.The Psychological Problems Terror Vıctıms Lived
Sakine Aktaş, Bahattin Bulduk, Hakan Orakçı
doi: 10.5222/jaren.2017.1002  Pages 6 - 9

3.Etiology of Postpartum Depression: Culture Effect
Mehmet Cihad Aktaş, Çağlar Şimşek, Sakine Aktaş
doi: 10.5222/jaren.2017.1003  Pages 10 - 13

4.Interventions intended for cigarette addiction
Gülçin Korkmaz, Çağlar Şimşek
doi: 10.5222/jaren.2017.1004  Pages 14 - 23

5.Mental Disorders Following Acute Myocardial Infarction
Bahattin Bulduk, Mehmet Cihad Aktaş, Mehmet Bulduk
doi: 10.5222/jaren.2017.1005  Pages 24 - 27

6.Grow With Lullabies
Semra Karaca, Esen Öngün
doi: 10.5222/jaren.2017.1006  Pages 28 - 32

7.Managing Behavioral Problems in Alzheimer's Patients
Nihan Altan Sarıkaya, Özge Sukut, Hürrem Ayhan
doi: 10.5222/jaren.2017.1007  Pages 33 - 38

8.Spırıtualıty and Health
Melike Boztilki, Elif Ardıç
doi: 10.5222/jaren.2017.1008  Pages 39 - 45

9.The İmportance of Employment in People with Schizophrenia
doi: 10.5222/jaren.2017.1009  Pages 46 - 50

10.Burden of care in family caregivers of patients with obsessive compulsive disorder and psychoeducation
Berna Ersoy Özcan, Gül Ünsal
doi: 10.5222/jaren.2017.1010  Pages 51 - 56

11.Violation of Child Rights: Sexual Abuse
Saadet Gonca Mavi Aydoğdu, Ülkü Özsoy
doi: 10.5222/jaren.2017.1011  Pages 57 - 60

12.Psychosocial Health of Women During Pospartum Period and Affecting Risk Factors
Sema Üstgörül, Emre Yanıkkerem
doi: 10.5222/jaren.2017.1012  Pages 61 - 68

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