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Volume : 10 Issue: 1 Year : 2024
: 9 (1)
Volume: 9  Issue: 1 - 2023
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4.Investigation of the Use of Traditional and Complementary Medicine Methods by Individuals Receiving Home Care Services
Hasan Anık, Gülçin Uyanık, Medine Yılmaz
doi: 10.55646/jaren.2023.90217  Pages 1 - 11

5.The Relationship Between the Knowledge of Nursing Students About Suicide and Their Stigmatizing Attitudes Towards People Committing Suicide, and Associated Factors: A Sample of Nursing Students from Turkey
Havva Kaçan
doi: 10.55646/jaren.2023.10337  Pages 12 - 22

6.The Relationship Between Body Image and Eating Behavior of Nursing School Students
Hatice Karayılan, Makbule Batmaz, Gülcan Kendirkıran
doi: 10.55646/jaren.2023.97752  Pages 23 - 32

7.Turkish Adaptation of the Media Parenting Scale for Parents of School-Age Children
Zühal Çamur, Çiğdem Erdoğan
doi: 10.55646/jaren.2023.43926  Pages 33 - 40

8.Examination of The Relationship Between Eating Behavior Disorder and Emotional Eating Behavior in University Students
Nurgül Arslan, Hacer Alataş
doi: 10.55646/jaren.2023.72623  Pages 41 - 48

9.Changes in Spousal Relationships in the Period After Cancer
Ayşe Çal, İlknur Aydın Avcı
doi: 10.55646/jaren.2023.18942  Pages 49 - 54

10.Systematic Review: Review of Frequently Performed Interventions During Labor with Evidence-based Practices
Ece Kaplan, Semra Akköz Çevik
doi: 10.55646/jaren.2023.44265  Pages 55 - 64

11.The Effect of Chewing Gum After Cesarean Section on Intestinal Motility: A Review Study
Rüveyda Ölmez Yalazı, Nurdan Demirci
doi: 10.55646/jaren.2023.70188  Pages 65 - 69

12.The Effect of Non-pharmacological Methods in the Management of Fatigue Symptoms in Patients: A Systematic Review
Neşe Kıskaç, Hamdiye Banu Katran, Gülay Manav, Binnur Erdem Türkoğlu, Elif Yokarıbaş
doi: 10.55646/jaren.2023.34735  Pages 70 - 88

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