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Volume : 5 Issue: 2 Year : 2019
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1.Cross-Sectional Study On Microbiota And Probiotic With Health Workers
Beray Gelmez Taş, Güzin Zeren Öztürk, Çağdaş Emin Maç, Memet Taşkın Egici, Dilek Toprak
doi: 10.5222/jaren.2018.96530  Page 0

2.The effect of education breast cancer and early diagnosis methods on the students’ health knowledge, belief and practice*
Yasemin Gümüş Şekerci, Rabia Sohbet
doi: 10.5222/jaren.2019.48343  Page 0

3.The Knowledge, Attitude and Behaviorus of 112 Emergency Health Personnel About Electrocardiography
Ozan Özışık, Mustafa Burak Sayhan, Ömer Salt
doi: 10.5222/jaren.2018.10437  Page 0

4.Health Sciences Faculty Students' Attitudes Towards Organ Transplantation and Donation
Zehra Aydın, Deniz Seher Öztekin
doi: 10.5222/jaren.2019.38039  Page 0

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