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Volume : 4 Issue: 3 Year : 2018
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1.Burden and Burnout of Caregivers Whose Patients Treated at the Palliative Care Center
Memet Taşkın Egici, Meral Kök Can, Dilek Toprak, Güzin Zeren Öztürk, Elif Serap Esen, Burcu Özen, Nurcan Sürekci
doi: 10.5222/jaren.2019.38247  Page 0

2.Cross-Sectional Study On Microbiota And Probiotic With Health Workers
Beray Gelmez Taş, Güzin Zeren Öztürk, Çağdaş Emin Maç, Memet Taşkın Egici, Dilek Toprak
doi: 10.5222/jaren.2018.96530  Page 0

3.The effect of education breast cancer and early diagnosis methods on the students’ health knowledge, belief and practice*
Yasemin Gümüş Şekerci, Rabia Sohbet
doi: 10.5222/jaren.2019.48343  Page 0

4.The Knowledge, Attitude and Behaviorus of 112 Emergency Health Personnel About Electrocardiography
Ozan Özışık, Mustafa Burak Sayhan, Ömer Salt
doi: 10.5222/jaren.2018.10437  Page 0

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